What Is NerdCon?

In 2014 our Grand Guildmaster Coley started the Legion of Nerds for nerds on campus to have a meeting space to share our nerdy passions with one another. That spring, Legion put on its first NerdCon that allowed students to put their nerdy passions on display for the whole university to see. After we had NerdCon last spring we decided to change our angle. As the Legion of Nerds, our group decided to do something unprecedented. We were going to put on another Con. A bigger con. A REAL CON. And that's what we did! NerdCon 2018 brought in 300 unique people from all over the area! For us this was a huge encouragement and showed that what we are doing has the chance to grow into something awesome. In 2019 our goal is to do just that. We want to improve on our quality that we brought in 2018. To do that we felt that, as a team, we could do that better in one day rather than three and if we need to add another day we can. We also decided to push our date back in order to further distance ourselves from other conventions in the area. All of this combined, we believe, will allow us to make NerdCon 2019 much better than NerdCon 2018. We are extremely excited to do it again and we can't wait to see you in October of 2019!