Fan Clubs in Attendance

NerdCon 2019:

Arkansas Lego Users Group (ArkLUG)

Arkansas LEGO® Users Group (ArkLUG) is the official Recognized LEGO Users Group (RLUG) for adult and teen LEGO enthusiasts in Arkansas. Their primary goals are doing fun activities using their favorite creative medium, displaying collaborative LEGO builds with individuals in and around Arkansas, and fostering enjoyment of LEGO brand products. Visit their website at

Nerdcon 2018:

The Galaxy Connection

The Galaxy Connection is Hot Spring's premier Star Wars attraction! With awesome props and cool costumes and figures, you can be completely immersed in the Star Wars universe! The Galaxy Connection is a non-profit organization that does tons of outreach to places and events such as children's hospitals, Make-A-Wish, adoption events and much more!


Colonial ministry of defense

Founded in 2014 this Battlestar Galactica Fan Club, has gotten fame by it's member friendly club that respects all BSG type shows. Fleets are broken down into the 12 Colonies, this is where you can fly a Viper or be a MARDET Marine and more! CMoD attends several conventions and many BSG guests are friends. The fan club is completely FREE with an academy and more building strong. Join the BS-90 Paladin part of Picon Fleet. Find us on Facebook! Website:

Star Fleet International

This is the largest Star Trek Fan club ,it does charge yearly dues of 5.00$ for materials to send to members and more. They have a vast academy which is all FREE to members and discounts at hotels, car rentals and more. The Club is International with its first ever Chapter in China, among 20 other countries. With over 5000 members and growing, your sure to have Fun in a Chapter. Join the USS Reaper Startrek fan club from anywhere in the world. Find us on Facebook.

**IF you would like to attend NerdCon as a fan club email us at