Vendor Information

Nerdcon event team commitment:

Here at NerdCon we recognize a few simple truths. Right now we are a small convention. Last year we had three hundred attendees. We understand that for some vendors this is a risk that some of you may not be willing to take. The way we would like to persuade you to come and attend is through our commitment to quality not only to our attendees, but also to you. We want your NerdCon experience to be the best that it can be as well. We do this by having people constantly available to help you before, during, and after the event. Some examples of this being, fast and effective correspondence before the event, people to help you set up once you arrive, security during the event, people on duty to get you water or anything else, and people to help you tear down at the end of the day.

Overall Information:

  • 2 Tables and 2 chairs will be provided per 5x10 and 10x10 space.
  • 4 Tables and 4 chairs will be provided per 15x10 and 20x10 space.
  • 4 Badges are provided per vendor. Any extra badges will be at normal general admission cost.
  • There will be preferred parking for Vendors/Artists/Fan-Clubs etc right next to the event hall. If you paid to have a booth, we'll make a parking spot for you if we have to.
  • We will have people available to help you move your wares before and after the event. Please indicate this on your vendor form or email that you need help and what time you plan on arriving.
  • If at anytime you need to leave your booth for food, water, bathroom etc. one of our team members can watch your booth at your request, just let us know.

Friday October 18th:

  • The Dunn Rec Center will be open from 2PM to 10PM for Vendor setup. If you plan on arriving at this time please email indicating that you plan on doing so.

Saturday October 19th

  • Doors open at 8AM for vendor setup. 10AM convention begins! Please be ready by then.
  • Doors close at 1AM. Vendors are free to go after 8PM. You are free to stay until doors close.